By Marc Campos

November 22, Young Gun Did Right, The Age Thing, "Foodie"

I always pause when I realize it's November 22. If you are my age, you remember where you were 42 years ago today - De Zavala Elementary School. It was the saddest weekend of my life. Commentary's Dad saw him the night before at an event in Houston. On my wall is a framed ticket to a State Dem Party fundraiser in Austin that he was supposed to attend that evening - ran across the ticket when I used to work for the State Dem Party. It took me a long, long time to let go of the hostile feelings I had towards that North Texas burg. Whenever you hear the phrase - "change the course of history" - November 22, 1963 is probably the best example.

Back in July when the local Dem Latino organization was screening and endorsing in the District 143 race, Commentary asked the Young Gun in charge for copies of Laura's opponents filled out questionnaires. I'm a dues paying member of the organization and I'm entitled to copies. The Young Gun gave me the copies. I used some of the info in a recent Laura runoff mailer. The other side is apparently not happy with the YG for giving me the copies. That's kind of silly. Hey folks, questionnaires are not top secret documents. Members of the local Latino Dem organization are not to be denied this info - period. YG did what a good leader is supposed to do.

Props go to the Chron's Ken Hoffman for his piece today on local female TV news anchors. They get past the age of 40 and knocked off the air, doesn't apply to the fellas. They blame it on the ratings. Tell you one thing, the ratings don't ever ask the opinion of the Commentary household.

Became a "foodie" this past weekend. Central Market just rolled out its reward program - cardholders are called "foodies." You actually get some sort of cash value, unlike Spec's - still can't figure what you do with Spec's points.

November 22, 2005, 9:00AM

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