By Marc Campos

Getting Punked!

Guv Dude just canít get anything right. Thereís not much that is in good working shape here in state government. Now heís becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of Governors - no respect. Dude is crying out loud because the federal government isnít giving the Lone Star State enough disaster relief money. Letís see now. His Papi W is still in charge. The two U.S. Senators are from his own political party. Dudeís getting punked on the national stage by his own kind and he doesnít even know it. It looks like weíre going to have to wait for the Obama team to help bail us out.

Last time I checked, the U.S. Constitution said that on January 20, Obama will be in charge. That isnít small change in my book. So to all the folks that are mouthing off about who he picks on his team, read the freaking Constitution then shut up!

Commentary met Jim Mattox a long time ago. We were on the campaign trail together in 1982 when he was running for AG and I was helping run Mark Whiteís gubernatorial campaign. He was the real deal. He was a fearless and courageous public official. He was a great Democrat!

Rosie Oh-No is opening her piehole again and starting a TV ruckus. That's the only thing she does nowadays. When her mugs comes on the tube, Commentary just hits the old remote and zap to another station.

On ďRachel RayĒ today the show will be devoted to make-up weddings that were washed away by Hurricane Ike. The mass ceremony will take place at The Yard and thatís all there is to report.

November 21, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary