By Marc Campos

About Time, Term This, Thanks

Hillary and Obama have finally taken off the gloves and are going after each other. It’s about time. They need to duke it out big time. I want to see someone floored and get right back up and deliver a counterpunch. If we are going to whip the Rs next year we have to do some serious training inside the ring without protective headgear. Of course I still like Hillary’s chances because of who she has in her corner.

The first Thanksgiving was 388 years ago in 1619. I wonder if they had in mind the Cowboys and Lions on the tube, the Macy’s Parade, and kazillions spent shopping the day after. I wonder if they knew that in the 11th month of 2007, the leading Dems running for Prez would be a woman and an African American.

I wonder if they had in mind back in 1619 that the Chron would have on its front page today a story on the right to bear arms and the right to sell tacos from a truck. Free Leotis, Free Leotis, Frijoles, Frijoles!

Commentary has a calendar on his wall that is a countdown of W’s term. Let’s give thanks that we are 426 days away from a one way trip aboard Air force One to Crawford.

Chris Bell wrote yesterday that the City of H-Town needs to do away with term limits. I agree. However, let’s do away with them the right way. Let’s go out and get a kazillion voters to sign petitions and put it on the ballot. Don’t be gimmicky either like two four year terms, four two year terms, three two year terms then skip a term, arrrrgh! Just do away with term limits period!

Neil Diamond said yesterday that Caroline Kennedy was the inspiration for “Sweet Caroline” – that’s cool. “Sweet Caroline” is a tradition at Fenway during Bosox games – I’ve been there – that’s also cool. It will be 44 years tomorrow that Caroline’s father was assassinated.

Stan Musial is 86 years young today. The Cardinal Hall of Fame great had a .331 lifetime batting average, 475 dingers, 177 triples and 725 doubles. Happy Birthday Stan the Man!

Marlo Thomas is 70 today. Happy Birthday That Girl!

The Munchkins finally got their dinner. They got their Hollywood Walk of Fame honor. There are only seven Munchkins left out of 124 including Mickey Carroll – I have an autographed Munchkin photo of Mickey. I wonder when the flying monkeys will get their honor or the guards that marched to the chant of “Oreos!”

The ‘Stros made another move yesterday with the signing of Geoff Blum - hey, at least we are making moves. I don’t know about you, but I hope they get second baseman Kaz Matsui.

Well, it is over the river and through I-10 to Grandma’s house I go for My Brown Eyed Girl’s pumpkin crunch and my niece Becky’s surprise dessert. Have a nice Thanksgiving and I’ll check you out on Monday!

November 21, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary