By Marc Campos

Commission Givers, Sorry Charlie, "Hey Jude," Two Senators, New Do

The Chron ran an article yesterday about the Guv's Texas Tax Reform Commission. The article says that many of the Commission members give a lot of $$$ to the GOP. What else is new? Activist Dems are naive to think Guv Dude would appoint a balanced commission. Think what you want about John Sharp, the Commission Chair, he does have some Dem credentials. Heck, Sharp hired Houston City Council runoff candidate Sue Lovell. Look, the Tax Reform Commission is the only game in town. If Dems blow it off before it gets going, we risk becoming obstructionists in the eyes of the public.

The Chron also ran a story about the Lone Star State executing an innocent guy. Commentary is opposed to the death penalty. If the government whacks the wrong guy, shouldn't somebody go to jail? The judge, the jury, the prosecutors, or the key witnesses.

Sir Paul was great. He added a special tune for his Houston concert - "Midnight Special" - it has the line, "if you're ever in Houston...." He played for around three hours straight - no breaks - that ought to tell you something about vegetarians. I don't care what anybody says, "Hey Jude" is Rock 'n Roll's national anthem - everybody stands up, sings, and knows the words. Best concert info: How Bach influenced "I Will." The concert ran late, so Sir Paul had to cancel our dinner, never got to ask when there will be an answer.

Ran across some chit chat on the internet about the District 143 race. Some folks were cracking on Laura, some on Ana. I need to correct something: there were two state senators pushing cards, at the same time, at the same precinct. Laura was quite flattered.

What's up with the Chron's new website hairdo? Trying to get used to it.

November 21, 2005, 9:00AM

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