By Marc Campos

Decision Time

According to todayís Austin American Statesman, H-Townís Mayor will be revealing his political plans real soon. We will know if heíll be running for Governor, U.S. Senator, or getting snatched up by the Obama administration. An early decision by the Mayor will allow others to figure out what they want to do in 2010. Stay tuned!

How come we have to learn about the Mayorís plans from the Austin newspaper anyway? Which reminds me, aside from Jerome in the Chronís Sports section, how come we donít have any Chron columnists of color? How come we donít have a Chron Latino/Latina columnist? Which also reminds me, how come the Mayorís nine member Task Force on Electric Reliability didnít include a Latina/Latino in light of the fact that nearly half of the cityís electric users are of the Latina/Latino persuasion?

Everybody who is anybody showed up on The Deanís List last night. The Deanís daughter gave a very nice introduction.

Which also reminds me, on January 2, 2009, H-Town Council Member James Rodriguez will be the only voice for about a million Latinos on the H-Town City Council.

Commentary ran into the Chronís Jesus last night and he didnít have anything to report from The Yard.

November 20, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary