By Marc Campos

Giving Thanks for the Goal Rush

The Houston Dynamo won the Major League Soccer Championship Sunday and H-Town has declared that we get two days off this Thursday and Friday to give thanks for goals. Acting like true champions, the Dynamo also want a new stadium and want tax dollars to help pay for it.

Here in H-Town and other parts of Texas we get to have debates and public votes on whether or not to fund stadia (that’s plural for stadium, sometimes) with tax dollars. We’ve done it here in H-Town, in San Antonio, Dallas, and Arlington. In some parts of the US of A like California, folks don’t want to use tax dollars to pay for these facilities. In the coming days and weeks our City leaders like James Rodriguez (I like the sound of James Rodriguez a City leader) get to decide what kind of deal makes economic good sense for H-Town folks. Let’s just make sure the deal is easy to comprehend and is a good deal for the folks. Stay tuned!

The H-Town City Council At-Large runoff race is about getting endorsements so far. Jolanda Jones has CMs Brown, Edwards, Lovell, Green, Johnson, and Khan on her side. Joe Trevino has CM Garcia.

In 2006, the James Irvine Foundation awarded voter mobilization grants to the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) and a number of other organizations. The foundation commissioned Yale Professor Dr. Donald Green to evaluate the effectiveness of the grants. Dr. Green is one of leading academic authorities on voter mobilization. He has even authored a book called – you guessed it – “Get Out The Vote.” It’s on Commentary’s nightstand.

Dr. Green concluded that the phone banks conducted by SVREP in the November 2006 election in Los Angeles increased the turnout by 9.1%.

"SVREP's contacts with voters increased turnout by 9.1 percentage-points. This means that SVREP's phone banking effort was approximately three times as cost-effective as the typical volunteer phone-bank. SVREP's 2006 voter mobilization campaign rates as the most effective large-scale phone-banking effort that has been documented in ten years of experimental GOTV research," stated Dr. Green at a press conference held last Thursday.

"SVREP has a long history of working to turnout voters that are traditionally not contacted by other campaigns. Our target is recently registered, Latino voters. We follow a repetitive, direct contact methodology. Given our often limited resources our highly specialized phone banking process is quite effective in mobilizing the greatest number of new voters possible," stated Antonio González, SVREP President.

"The fact that the voters SVREP contacted turned-out at a rate of 9.1% higher than voters of similar profiles not contacted by SVREP, means quite simply that SVREP's methodology produces a statistically significant impact on elections-an impact that can change the outcome of an election. In other words, voters that would normally have participated at a rate of 50%, for example, turned out at an average rate of 59.1% through SVREP efforts," stated Lydia Camarillo, SVREP Vice-President.

Hmmmm, I wonder if we can get them to do their thing in Harris County next year – just a thought.

Celine Dion concert tickets went on sale yesterday for an H-Town concert in January of 2009 – 2009 – huh?

24 folks will be coming to dinner this Thursday to Baytown on Dynamo Day. We might have to eat in shifts.

There is nothing new from The Yard on trades. I guess they are getting ready for the parade in a couple of days – I might take Dante and Luke and check it out.

November 20, 2007 9:00AM

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