By Marc Campos

Local Votes, Forgettabout Her, Wide Right, 10 X 5

In Commentary’s voting precinct we had 587 (44%) for Da Bell, 257 (19%) for Guv Dude, 335 (25%) for The Kinkhole, and 159 (12%) for Lady Foghorn.  45% turnout.   I can’t believe 335 of my neighbors are ‘Hole supporters.

In My Brown Eyed Girl’s precinct in Montrose, they had 629 (42%) for Da Bell, 411 (27%) for Dude, 163 (11%) for Foghorn, and 288 (19%) for The ‘Hole.  42% turnout.  I thought they would have a better turnout than my ‘hood because they vote in HD 134.

In a local Latino precinct, they had 216 (66%) for Da Bell, 75 (23%) for Dude, 16 (5%) for Foghorn, and 18 (5%) for The ‘Hole.  15% turnout – yikes!  Hey, what do you expect when Dems invest zilch?

In a major local African American precinct, they had 926 (88%) for Da Bell, 35 (3%) for Dude, 75 (7%) for Foghorn, and 14 (1%) for The ‘Hole – guess the old blackface act didn’t play well in the African American community.  37% turnout.

I’m definitely encouraged.

Well how was your week Sekula-Gibbs?  This is one of the few times I’ve actually seen someone shoot themselves in the foot, reload, and then shoot themselves again and again in the same foot.  You know what, nobody feels bad for her.  The local GOP leaders are already writing her off – aw shucks.  Check out yesterday’s Chron editorial cartoon – it’s a classic - wonder who bid for the original?

The Mayor 14, Jordy 11.  Jordy came up a field goal short.   Apparently, The Mayor did some major arm twisting, errrrr threat bombs, errrrr friendly persuasion.  Jordy’s jury punked him, then they unanimously asked him to apply for the gig – huh!  Now they got a selection committee in place to go find America’s best convention getter.  Guess who’s in charge of the selection committee?  The guy that punked one of Jordy’s best friends – yikes?

Bo Derek is 50 years old today.  The former 10 is an R and a big W supporter.  Bo definitely needs touching up.  Never mind, she’s been touched up too much. 

November 20, 2006, 9:00AM

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