By Marc Campos

The Economy My Arse, Seven Figure Sarah, and The Dean’s List

Snuffing out Al-Qaida just passed up fixing the economy on Obama’s to-do list for sure. Bin Laden Jr., err Al-Qaida’s #2 called Obama a “House Ne__o” – bad move dude.

It looks like Governor Palin might be getting a book deal worth close to $7 mil – yikes? She’ll for sure get the last laugh and word on the weasels that rat her out. Commentary don’t agree much with Palin but I came to kind of like her for the way she stood up against the onslaught.

The Dean has his one and only annual fundraiser this evening at The Four Seasons Hotel in H-Town. It is mandatory event on Commentary’s schedule. Everyone in-the-know makes sure to drop by to get on The Dean’s List.

Carol Alvarado had a small but successful gathering last night at the home of Parvin and Marty McVey. Marty does a lot of good work for Dems. Among those that attended: H-Town’s Mayor, CM Peter Brown, Sen. Gallegos, UT Regent/Port Commissioner Longoria, Bracewell’s Derrick Mitchell, HAR’s Dana Kervin, and East End Businessman Hugo Alvarez.

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with Joe The Rat Lieberman getting to Chair the Homeland Security Committee just as long as they don’t send any bills there.

The Chron stirred up a fuss with the recent articles on paperless crooks. The clueless duo of Guv Dude and the Lone Star State’s Junior Senator are now demanding action – yawn!

The Chron’s Sports Columnist Who Is The Smartest Baseball Guy Around has a piece today on ‘Stros economics – like getting rid of Joe Green Valley and Wiggintonner – and that’s all there is to report from The Yard.

November 19, 2008 9:00AM

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