By Marc Campos

Thanksgiving Week

Seven score and fours years ago today President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address.

Yesterday’s Chron Editorial was titled “Saving the Dome.” What are we saving the Dome for? Ok, us folks here in H-Town can pretty much handle anything. Heck, we put some fellas on the moon, but saving the Dome is a lost cause. We’re never going to play major league baseball, NFL football, have rodeos, or hold big time concerts there. I don’t think I have run into anyone that thinks a hotel there makes sense. If someone could figure out a plan that’s economically sound, we would be the only city in the whole US of A that did anything useful with an old ballpark. Saying “saving the Dome” sounds good, but not even the old H-Town know how can come up with a plan that is worth a darn. Commentary’s idea to reduce the Dome to rubble looks like the only viable public policy option.

Speaking of good public policy, check out a letter-to-the-editor from yesterday’s Chron:

“After working the evening shift, I was coming into my neighborhood about midnight on election night, and I saw volunteers from the James Rodriguez's campaign (Council candidate for District I) driving through my neighborhood removing his campaign signs. By the next morning, every Rodriguez sign from every yard in my neighborhood and the surrounding area, including the freeway frontage roads and fences, were gone. I had never seen this before, and I was totally impressed.

"His literature said he was running a "clean campaign," and I was pleasantly surprised that this applied to the aftermath as well. Now if all the other candidates would follow suit and clean up their signs that litter our city. Unfortunately, many of them will remain for months.

"This young man has not even taken office yet, and I am already impressed with his efficiency (and that of his people) and his respect for our city landscape. I look forward to seeing what he can do at City Hall.” - from Deborah L. Chapman, Houston.

Way to go James and his campaign!

Remember when folks were saying a while back that Rudy G would never get the nomination from the GOP right wingers and the religious wrong? What happened? I wonder what the Vegas line is today on Rudy G’s chances on getting the nomination?

Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe are cool. I saw them in “American Gangster” this past weekend. Check it out.

Ann Curry is 51 today. Jodie Foster is 45. Ann lets me know what’s happening every morning. Happy Birthday Ann and Jodie! Neither needs touching up.

The Dynamo is champs again. That means they’re going to want a new crib soon. Hey, I got an idea! Give them the keys to the Dome!

Commentary went to the Texans game yesterday and sat with Pam-In-Charge and her crew. The grub there was pretty suite. They even had St. Arnold’s – nice. During the game the Texans do their version of “Deep in the Heart of Texas” – forgettaboutit! Leave it at The Yard during the seventh inning stretch.

Speaking of, ‘Stros GM Ed Wade made some moves Friday. He got us a middle reliever from the ATL named Oscar Villarreal. He also got us an outfield prospect named – get this – Yordany Ramirez. Where in the heck does a Latino get the name “Yordany?” I’ll get back to you on this one but first I need to help organize the family’s Thanksgiving Dinner.

November 19, 2007 9:00AM

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