By Marc Campos

Where’s The Speaker?

Right before the election, one of the Texas House Dem leaders predicted that the Speaker’s race would be over within 24 hours of the polls closing. Commentary predicted that Speaker Craddick was toast. Well, two weeks later, nobody has been able to step forward and claim the grand prize. Commentary reported yesterday that some folks in the know said Craddick would survive. Some folks told Commentary yesterday not so fast. It looks like none of the challengers have been able to muster up the required 76 votes. Maybe the legislative battles of the past three legislative sessions have taken a toll on the old trust factor. You have Craddick Ds, Trial Lawyer Ds, TLR Ds, Craddick Loyalists GOPers, Renegade GOPers, and so forth. Maybe we need a fresh face to step forward and be the compromise candidate. Hey, why not a freshman. They certainly don’t have grudges or axes to grind. They wouldn’t be spending their time engaging in payback. Heck, they would be too busy trying to figure out how things work and how to move things along. Heck, this is such a novel idea that it is probably against the rules.

Obama better get moving on the college football play-off system. Starting in 2011, the BCS games will be played on cable TV. Folks without cable will be denied access to key college football games.

My good friend Dave Walden called me yesterday to give his takes on the John Tower/Bob Krueger 1978 U.S. Senate race. Dave brought up stuff about the race that Commentary had forgotten. Dave also knew the words to the Krueger tune – “New Team for Texas.” Dave is a fella that Commentary respects.

Carol Alvarado has a fundraiser this evening at the home of Marty McVey. If you have an interest in attending, email my shop.

My old friend Roman Martinez celebrated his Numero 50 this past Saturday in Brenham, Texas. Commentary couldn’t make it. CM James Rodriguez, The Lovely Wendy, Serge, Tiffany, Laura, and Carol Alvarado were among the many that attended the celebration. Happy Birthday Roman!

Albert Pujols won the National League MVP award yesterday and that’s all I have to report from The Yard.

November 18, 2008 9:00AM

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