By Marc Campos

Getting it Wrong?

Commentary tries to make it a habit of admitting when I get it wrong. Remember when I predicted that the Texas House Speaker was toast? Well I don’t know about that anymore. I’ve asked a few knowledgeable folks what is going on in the Speaker’s race and they kind of shrug their shoulders and say it’s going to be Craddick – drats! When you think about it, it has been nearly two weeks since the election and the opposition still hasn’t found the votes to oust Craddick.

It looks like Guv Dude and his team are back to reading Commentary since they decided to not implement those DPS checkpoints that were designed to snatch up paperless folks.

Commentary went to New Braunfels this past weekend to hook up with old friends from the 1978 Bob Krueger U.S. Senate Campaign and other political adventures. The reunion was organized by Linda Gammage – Bob’s spouse – who was also there. Among the attendees: Grace Garcia who did an eight year tour with the Clinton Administration and is on a first name basis with Hillary and Bill, John Pouland who helped Jimmy Carter become Prez, David “Buck” Wildman who was Krueger’s travel aide, Tina Williamson who was Krueger’s scheduler, Alan Schoenbaum who is now General Counsel to Rackspace, Bob Mann who was once Ted Kennedy’s press secretary, Lukin Gilliland who is a big Dem fundraiser, Barbara O’Neal a former TSTA honcho, Judy Dale who helped run the headquarters and ended up helping Garry Mauro at the GLO, Richard Raymond who is now a legislative honcho, Leon Thompson an Austin attorney, Beth Antonious who flew in from London, and of course H-Town’s Mayor Bill White who was the campaign’s issues and research director.

Part of the reunion was devoted to hearing Bob Krueger’s moving and emotional report on his stint as the Ambassador to Burundi which was a “Nightline” feature a few years ago.

By the way the final score in 1978 was incumbent John Tower 49.79% to Bob Krueger 49.26% or just over a half a percentage point or just over 12,000 votes. The La Raza Unida candidate for U.S. Senate pulled a Ralph Nader on us and got eight tenths of a percentage point or 17,000 votes plus change – drats!

The most interesting item from last night’s Obama’s interview on “Sixty Minutes” is that he might sign one of those executive orders and do away with the College Football BCS and institute and eight team championship playoff system. If you ask me, I think Obama has a better chance of catching Bin Laden than taking on the bowl system.

Speaking of college football teams, the Texans lost again.

There is absolutely nothing new to report from The Yard.

November 17, 2008 9:00AM

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