By Marc Campos

Special Prosecutor?

I guess they knew how to quit her.

Admit it, we’re not surprised.  I’m talking about Sekula-Gibbs - or whatever her name is this week – asking for a congressional investigation of CD 22 staffers that quit after she showed up in D.C.   In today’s Chron she says “as public servants, they have harmed the 22nd Congressional District and they have brought shame to this office” – huh – is she talking about herself?    It sure didn’t take long for her to become a joke in our nation’s capitol.

Now it looks like our GOP Tax Assessor Collector – Paul Bettencourt - is thinking about the CD 22 race in ’08.  He and others think he will blow right by Sekula-Gibbs in the GOP primary.  Mr. Bettencourt also probably knows that Dems are on their way to recapture the Harris County Courthouse so why not beat the posse and go out and be a congressman – smart move on his part.

Speaking of Dems recapturing the courthouse, Commentary got some run today in My PR Agent’s Chron column.

Better late than never – I guess.  W finally made it to ‘Nam.

November 17, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary