By Marc Campos

Johnny Cash, Sir Paul Again, Laura Scores One, Happy Birthday

This is Johnny Cash week. Last night, there was a pretty cool tribute to Cash. Some C&W and Rock/Pop artists sang his tunes. Lot of features on him on the tube. His albums, errr, CDs are being repackaged. This week his bio pic will be released starring Commodus. Never got see Cash in concert.

Commentary has Sir Paul concert tickets. If I have dinner with him afterwards, I'll also ask why she came in through the bathroom window.

Breaking news! Laura Salinas gets endorsed by an elected. Harris County Constable Victor Trevino will hold a press conference today to announce his support for Laura.

Today is Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean's birthday - he's 57. Happy Birthday Mr. Chair - YAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

November 17, 2005, 9:00AM

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