By Marc Campos

Muchas Gracias GOP!

GOP Congressman Lamar Smith from the Lone Star State introduced a bill to deny drivers permits to paperless folks. Way to go! The drivers permit issue is a public policy no brainer and makes sense in terms of lowering insurance rates. All the GOP is doing is stoking the anti paperless folk hysteria flames and driving more and more Latino voters away from the GOP. I love it! It may sound good in Redneck Branch, Texas but it’s not going to do the local GOP county wide candidates any good next year. I wonder how they are feeling at the local GOP headquarters these days.

Speaking of elections, it looks like we will be having three contested races, errr maybe four for state legislative positions in Harris County in the Dem Primary next March. A couple of incumbents face challenges. Of course, Carol Alvarado will be running in District 145. State Rep Kevin Bailey faces opposition – this one is worth watching because it looks like local labor is going all out for Kevin. There will be a race in Commentary’s hood – that’s a real good thing because we need us a good race here. There will also be a surprise that’s waiting around the corner – I think it has something to do with getting even. Stay tuned as filing is right around the corner.

The fella Kevin Hoffman that ran against Yolanda Navarro Flores for Houston Community College trustee lost by around 250 votes. I voted against the fella because his consultant does a lot of paperless folk bashing. Well this Hoffman fella is now asking for a recount. Good luck, err give it up.

Barry, Barry, Barry got indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice yesterday. Guilty, guilty, guilty or not guilty, not guilty, not guilty. There is no word yet on whether or not the indictments came with an asterisk. I’m betting he beats the rap.

In 1991, H-Town city voters elected Gracie Saenz, Eleanor Tinsley, Jim Greenwood, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Judson Robinson III – all Ds to all five At-Large City Council positions. This info was brought to you by the Chron’s Matt Stiles.

The following is Top 50 All Time TV Icons – starting at #1:

Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Walter Cronkite, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Jerry Seinfeld, Homer Simpson, and Dick Clark.

Roseanne, Dick Van Dyke, Jackie Gleason, Ed Sullivan, “Not Ready for Primetime Players”, David Letterman, Bob Newhart, William Shatner, Andy Griffith, and Carroll O'Connor.

Kermit, Milton Berle, Barbara Walters, Michael Landon, Heather Locklear, Farrah Fawcett, Regis Philbin, Howard Cosell, John Ritter, and Alan Alda.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Henry Winkler, Ellen DeGeneres, Bob Barker, Michael J. Fox, Diahann Carroll, George Clooney, Bea Arthur, Jennifer Aniston, and Sally Field.

Jon Stewart, James Gandolfini, Flip Wilson, Susan Lucci, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lassie, Simon Cowell, Jimmy Smits, Calista Flockhart, and Larry Hagman.

I don’t know about Heather Locklear, John Ritter, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Simon Cowell.

How about Don Knotts, Katie Couric, Buddy Ebsen, Jerry Mathers, George Jetson, Fred Flintstone, Captain Kangaroo, Jim Nabers, Vanna White, Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek, Raymond Burr, David Jansen, Mr. Ed, and That Girl, errr Marlo Thomas?

Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl will be checking out a flick this weekend – probably “American Gangster” then we will check out the Texans on Sunday. I think we’re getting a suite deal – nice.

Commentary and Rudy G do agree on some issues. Rudy G thinks Roger Maris belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame – add me to the list. His 61 dingers in a season stood for 37 seasons. Rudy G said this about Maris who wore #9 – “if it’s good enough for the Yankees to retire #9, it’s good enough to put him in the Hall of Fame.” Now that’s a very good point!

November 16, 2007 9:00AM

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