By Marc Campos

Macho Men, Johnny Reb, Spooky-pooty

Quien es mas macho, Jordy Tollett or Houston Mayor Bill White?

It is no secret in these parts that The Mayor wants to get rid of Tollett, the city’s convention getter guru.  I don’t think The Mayor likes him – some say because he hangs with Mayor Bob’s former chief of staff – another fella The Mayor doesn’t like.

Jordy got himself in a bit of trouble when he got sucker punched by Channel 2 news – they caught him having some cocktails during the workday – yawn.

Jordy ain’t going down without a fight – good for him – Commentary likes a fighter and a good fight.  Jordy has the support of a majority of The Mayor’s City Council Members – huh – and some heavyweights like the owners of the ‘Stros and the Texans.  Maybe The Mayor needs to listen to the majority of his council.   The ‘Stros and the Texans also know a lot more about the entertainment business than The Mayor – I think.

Here’s what Commentary wants to know.  Houston hosted a Super Bowl, a Major League Baseball All Star game, a World Series, and an NBA All Star game – all under The Mayor’s watch – and afterwards all the city big wigs slapped themselves on the back and high fived each other and said Houston was a great host and folks that came to our burg had a great time and Jordy was in charge of making sure we were great hosts, so why replace him?

The city’s pension system, downtown parking, traffic congestion, flooding and smoking in restaurants all needed fixing and The Mayor was right to get things fixed.  Commentary doesn’t think Jordy needs fixing.   He’s freaking Jordy!  He’s like an icon – our icon!  You know, in discussions that have been going on around town on this matter, folks are rooting for Jordy over The Mayor on this one – let’s see how it plays out.

Johnny Reb, errr, the Senator from Mississippi, was elected Minority Whip for the GOP Senators.  When asked how the two Texas GOP Senators voted on the Whip race, the Chron today said the two “demurred.”  Demurred?  I think the folks from Texas would like to know if the two Senators from the Lone Star State cast votes for Johnny Reb.  Demurring is not an acceptable response – period.

Spooky-pooty!  That’s a term Commentary picked up at an art lecture this past weekend – ART LECTURE!  Yeah Commentary along with My Brown Eyed Girl went to the opening of a major art work in H-Town and heard an art lecture at the event.  Spooky-pooty has to do with seeing something weird in an art piece, kind of like those huge all black murals in the Rothko Chapel or kinda like what The Mayor sees in Jordy’s duds – spooky-pooty…..awwww!

November 16, 2006, 9:00AM

Daily Commentary