By Marc Campos

Sir Paul And Stuff

No ifs, ands, or buts - the best album cover ever, when albums used to exist - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - period - Two Beatles, Marlon, Dylan, Tarzan. I bring this up because Sir Paul McCartney is rolling into H-Town this Saturday. Commentary checked out Sir Paul back in '76 when he was Wings, checked him out again in Dallas in '02 - best concert ever. Sir Paul performed for about three hours straight - no breaks - Hey Jude, Yesterday, My Love - you get the picture. Question I would ask Sir Paul if he and I had dinner - "who buried Paul?"

From the hope I'm not reading too much into it dept.: Went to Whitmire's annual peanuts only fundraiser last evening. Only one Ardmore Dem in attendance - hmmh. Lots of props deservedly given to Whitmire at the event.

Commentary got cracked a little yesterday about Dem State Party Chair idea. An activist fella said let the delegates decide - come on, delegates don't decide, various caucus leaders, errr, the Party's elite decide. Since gubernatorial nominees stopped picking chairs, we've only won the governor's office twice.

On the tube last night, one of those Country Western awards program. How come Sir Elton John, Billy Joel and Tony Soprano were there? How come some of those County Western artists dress like rockers? How come they have the awards program in New York City?

When Commentary is in charge of a campaign, he has a hard and fast rule - we don't take down the opponents signs. Don't get me wrong, in my younger years, I took my share of the other guys signs. As I got up in years, I realized a lot of things can go wrong - cops catch you (has happened to some of my folks), other side catches you (has happened to some of my folks), bad news stories (has happened to some of my folks). Then it is stealing - those signs aren't cheap. If you have the no sign stealing rule, you are setting the tone of the campaign that filters on down - kind of a decorum thing. If the campaign leadership encourages sign snatching, then you end up sending a message that encourages the fella that was yakking away disrespectfully at one of the polling places last week. Laura's campaign doesn't steal signs.

Finally one of Commentary's staffers got props from a journalist on handling yesterday's press conference - the conference where Laura received the endorsements from all four of her former opponents. Staffer has good political savvy.

November 16, 2005, 9:00AM

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