By Marc Campos

National Democrats Look For Leader
By Marc Campos

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is looking for a new chair. They need someone that knows what it takes to win. What the DNC does not need is a chair that currently holds an elected position. You can't be an elected official and run the party at the same time. The chair of the DNC is a full time job.

There are those that say that the next DNC chair should not be closely associated with the Clintons because Senator Clinton may be a presidential candidate in 2008. Well, those that have a close association with the Clintons probably have experience winning national campaigns. What can a DNC chair do anyway to assist a particular candidate in the presidential primaries? Deliver Iowa?

We need a DNC chair that can raise tons of money, put an immediate focus on 2006, and understands what it takes to win on a national scale. The next DNC chair should also look at ways to make us competitive again in certain "red" states. The new DNC chair should come to Texas early on and visit with Dem leaders on how the DNC can assist us in the 2006 statewide campaigns.

Finally, he or she needs to be good on TV. They need to sound genuine when taking on the GOP. The outgoing chair just never got it right when he was on the air.

November 16, 2004, 9:00 AM

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