By Marc Campos

National Latino Strategy

It looks like Latino organizations are putting together a national push to turn out Latino voters next year. I hope they have the Lone Star State and Harris County on their target list.

Itís good to be a local Dem! It looks like there will be a lot of activity in the local Dem Primary next March. Competition is good. In judicial races Commentary likes Mike Gomez who helped James Rodriguez a lot. I also like Josefina Rendon who I have known for a long time. I also like Judge Steve Kirkland who treated me nice at Municipal Court when I served as a juror.

I wonder if the local GOP is starting to feel bad about all the hate they created in the Latino community the last couple of years.

Pam-In-Charge got a mention (even though they didnít spell her name right) in todayís Chron Star Section for going to B-G-Oís retirement party at his pad this past Satruday. It was a cool gathering. Patty Biggio is one nice and special person. Drayton was there and we chatted about James Rodriguez. I also talked to Tal about the team.

It looks like the Christmas tune season will start next Friday Ė thatís a real good thing!

November 15, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary