By Marc Campos

Abe's The Man!
By Marc Campos

Congratulations go to the Board of Trustees of the Houston Independent School District for naming Abe Saavedra as the sole finalist for superintendent. Congratulations to Abe. He truly deserved this oh so important position. Saavedra will officially become superintendent in less than three weeks.

This is history folks. The largest school district in Texas will soon have a Hispanic superintendent. Another first for our community. So why aren't Hispanics dancing in the streets? We all believe that our kids getting a quality education is key to the advancement of our community.

It could be that we don't know how to celebrate a victory of this sort because there is no precedent. Now that we have won, what do we do?

How about letting your school board member know that they made an excellent choice. Let Abe know that if he needs any help, you're willing to step up.

November 15, 2004, 9:00 AM

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