By Marc Campos

A Very Light Day

It looks like Hillary is getting serious run for Sec State. If it happens, she will have one of the toughest jobs. She will have to clean up W’s worldwide mess. She’ll also be on the 3 am call list. It also looks like a lot of Clinton folks are involved in the Obama administration. Commentary is cool with that.

Commentary figured that the Texas House Speaker race would be over by now. I guess folks are still cutting their dirty deals.

Whew! Commentary’s old pal, Josefina Rendon held on to her win for judge here in Harris County as the votes were finally counted.

Survivors of the 1978 Bob Krueger campaign versus U.S. Senator John Tower will gather this weekend in New Braunfels to talk about the old times. Folks from other Krueger political adventures will also attend. Commentary was heavily involved in the 1978 campaign. It was one of the most grueling campaigns ever in Texas political history.

The Man Who Won’t Be King, errr The World’s Longest Living Prince is 60 today. The way it looks, he’ll probably look princely at age 70.

Madonna will bring her tour to H-Town this Sunday evening. I wonder if she’ll bring Brittney, Justin or A-Rod and I wonder if the roof will be open and that’s all I have to report from The Yard.

November 14, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary