By Marc Campos

Political Takes, Of Course

From yesterday’s local Dem Party Brown Bag Lunch – come January 2, it looks like all five H-Town City Council At-Large positions will be held by Dems – CMs Lovell, Green, Brown, Noriega and either Jones or Trevino. I need to research to see when the last time all five positions were held by Dems. Remember when the local GOP had a goal to takeover City Council – adios to that idea.

Also from yesterday’s lunch – it looks like Hotze that rhymes with dopsey and the Tax Assessor Collector got their arses handed to them on a couple of local school bond elections. That’s a real good thing.

Nobody has said anything about the local community college trustee election in Commentary’s hood. Commentary voted for the winner/incumbent. Her opponent had as his consultant the GOP fella that likes to do a lot of paperless folk bashing in political campaigns.

From the did you know this department – in 2004, in Harris County, 370,455 voted straight ticket R and 325,097 voted straight ticket D – in 2006, 137,663 voted straight ticket R and 145,885 voted straight ticket D – interesting.

Speaking of CM Lovell, she also was a huge supporter of James Rodriguez.

Some TV publication came out yesterday with TV’s top 50 all time greatest icons. There is only one Latino on the list – at #48 is Matt Santos. More on the list later.

Check out today’s Chron sports section. ‘Stros GM Ed Wade is trying to make a whole lot of moves. Now that’s a really really good thing!

November 14, 2007 9:00AM

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