By Marc Campos

Pendejos, ’08, ’07

Commentary was feeling real good about Dallas County the past few days, then a pitiful burg called Farmers Branch decided to join the ranks of the intolerant.  Way to go Dallas County, you now have a smelly turd in your punchbowl.   It is kind of interesting, we Harris County Dems still don’t have countywide judges, but at least none of our mini burgs have gone anti-Latino.   Maybe we ought to get the State Dem Party to scratch Dallas County off of our State Dem Convention potential host list ….. mmmm……just a thought.

Commentary mentioned to The Young Political Consultant That Works For Commentary that he’s had it with U.S. Senator John Kerry – he could have cost us Dems some seats last week.  The Young Political Consultant explained to Commentary how Kerry “botched” the joke.  OK, it makes sense, but if you can’t even tell a joke, then you shouldn’t be U.S. Prez – period.

U.S. Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware) has decided he wants to run for President – yawn.

Speaking of prez candidates, I guess we’re in the season.  It looks like Texas again will get to watch the Dem prez primary action unless of course you give $$$.  Let’s see, aside from the two previously mentioned, we have Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Vilsak, and Finegold.  It’ll be interesting to see who Dem Party elected/leaders/activists support in the early days.

Speaking of action, the Major League Baseball’s Rookies of the Year were announced yesterday and the ‘Stros Luke Scott didn’t even get a single vote.  Luke hit .336, had 10 dingers, 6 triples, and hit for the cycle – no respect.   Meanwhile, Astros’ General Manager Tim Purpura went fishing for free agents this week.   Let’s hope he catches something good.  

November 14, 2006, 9:00AM

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