By Marc Campos

Mascots, Hindsight, Parity, No Wing

Some disparaging team mascots and nicknames offend Native Americans. Don't blame them for being upset. Last week, a couple of small colleges changed their nicknames - they were called Redmen and Indians - props to them. I really don't understand the resistance to change - tradition? That's BS. Here in Houston, we have the Lamar High School Redskins. Who would be ps__ed off if the local school board ordered a name change at Lamar.

There is a school board run-off in the district where Commentary hangs. So far, Commentary has stayed out of it - been kind of busy with Laura. Hey school board run-off candidates - want my help - all you have to do is promise to lead the charge on removing offensive nicknames - start with Lamar High.

In hindsight. Last week, Texas voters said no to Props 5 and 9. Don't even ask me what they did. Maybe they should of had signs in front of the polls that said vote for Props 2 and 5 - kind of ride 2's coattails.

Was at the office Saturday mixing up a batch of Laura's run-off strategy - you know eye of newt, chicken bones, pig hair - you get the picture. The Longhorn game was on TV - if you call it a game - it was a massacre. It's time the NCAA adopted a college football parity program - all teams should have the same size payroll.

Hey, they didn't tell me that "The West Wing" was off until December 4 - I needed my fix last night.

November 14, 2005, 9:00AM

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