By Marc Campos

And The Winner Is……

Congrats to David Benzion of LoneStarTimes.com for taking The Roundtable Championship Belt from Commentary after getting the most election picks. Commentary’s pals Joe Householder and Doug Miller were first and second runners up.

Commentary learns something everyday. So what are Attention Getting Devices? They are those big inflatable godzillas, monkeys, gorillas, ducks, balloons, streamers, etc that small retailers and fast food joints or restaurants have in front of their establishments – usually strip malls - trying to lure customers. Well, H-Town City Council outlawed them yesterday – they are kind of a blight thing I guess. From what I was checking out on the municipal tube, those devices can only be used for “seasonal” times – Christmas, Fourth of July, etc. So watch those folks stick a Santa hat on Godzilla in a week or so, then put a red heart around him for Valentine’s Day, then give him an Easter basket, then a ‘Stros lid for the “season” opener, then stick a flag in his hand for Memorial Day/Fourth of July – you get the picture.

Talk about Austin Weird! Lady Foghorn is planning to run for Austin Mayor again after a couple of name changes.

Commentary’s recent takes on local Latino voter turnout has definitely ruffled a feather or two. The liberal blog fella has been suspicious of Commentary’s motives from the outset. He was the one that said I might be more interested in looking for a “gig” plus he threw in that dig questioning H-Town CM James Rodriguez’ political party affiliation. Hey, that’s his right. Here’s what he sent me yesterday:

“Are Hispanics in Houston and Harris County unable to vote without extra prodding? At what point does this become the fault of the community in question?”

Commentary thought about having a discussion with him to talk about how to get out the vote and what is involved but I decided against because I think he had already made up his mind on this issue so here’s what I sent him:

“Look, I don't want to get into it with you because folks like you are determined to undermine a point I have been making for over a decade now - sorry.”

I think I hurt his feeling because here’s how he responded:

“Folks like me? You hardly have any idea who I am or what I think. I sure have never had great relations with my fellow bloggers. I've agreed with a number of things you've written over time. Often agreeing with some your views about statements of bravado by bloggers.

Between my own blog and my space on the Chronicle I've got a bigger audfeince than any progressive Houston blogger than but Kuffner. I was open to a discussion and you chose to make an enemy. You're a fool.”

Enough said.

Commentary is predicting that now that W is on his way out, Hugo Chavez is going to make nice with the U.S. of A. I don’t think Hugo will be taking cheap shot at Obama.

The ‘Stros will be hearing soon on offers they made to a couple of pitchers and that’s all to report from The Yard.

November 13, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary