By Marc Campos

Latino Voter Time

Commentary has been talking lately about the growing local Latino vote. Last week the Latino vote came out big time for the HISD bonds. Three years ago, Latinos made up 10.6 % of the total vote in Harris County. That number is expected to grow next year providing cautious optimism for a local Democratic victory in 2008. Letís see now, David Mincberg might be our candidate for County Judge, Vince Ryan for County Attorney, and C.L Bradford for District Attorney. Wait a minute whereís the Latino/Latina local candidate? Where are the women? Where are the Gays/Lesbians? Somebody has to Ďsplain this one to me por favor.

Last week, Commentary gave some run to folks that helped out James Rodriguez. Iím not finished. Thanks also go to Cindy Clifford, Jacob Monty, Joe Alanis, Karen Niemeier, Diane Barber, Diana Davila Martinez, Steve Parker, Cristina Lafuente, Tessa Goth, Laura Salinas, and Ed Banks Ė to name quite a few. Of course I have to give props again to the Rodriguez and Montoya families. If you go into a campaign with these two families, chances are youíre going to run the table.

CEWDEM has been putting out the back and forth on the Hillary nutcracker gizmo. Heck, isnít it nutcracker season? Maybe if they would have dressed her in the toy soldier gear like they do for the nutcrackers nobody would have paid attention. Hey, lighten up Ė Ďtis the season!

Hey, what did I tell you! Godís favorite sport in the US of A is baseball Ė thatís cool. The Pope will be here in April and will conduct masses in Yankee Stadium and the soon to open National Stadium in D.C. An American League yard and a National League yard Ė now thatís cool.

Congrats go to Numero 45 for being one of the winners of the Silver Slugger Award. Hunter Pence got third place in the National League Rookie of the Year Award. Heck, he probably would have won if he hadnít got dinged up earlier in the year.

I have a correction. Last Friday evening I went to the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. While I was there I met Ed Wade the ĎStros new GM. He didnít have time to chat. He was busy working the phones.

In case you havenít notice, when the Yankees and Red Sox visit The Yard next summer, the prices for tickets will go up for those six games Ė except for season ticket holders. I donít have a problem with this and Iíll tell you why. If they wouldnít raise the prices, then the ticket brokers would send their folks to scoop them all up then sell them for an arm and leg. So Iíd rather have the ĎStros have the arms and legs so they donít have to raise the price of a St. Arnoldís.

Commentary will be giving his takes today at the local Dem Party Brown Bag Lunch Ė see you there!

November 13, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary