By Marc Campos

Mystery Moderate and a League of Their Own

Two Texas Dem State Reps got into a physical fracas because of the Texas House Speaker’s race.  The Harris County Tejano Democrats blasted a local Dem Rep for pledging to Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick – an R of course.   There have also been a few articles written about a so called Speaker’s race.

Supposedly, the campaign involves getting most of the Texas House Dems to join up with enough disgruntled House Rs and topple Speaker Craddick.  The next Speaker would be a so called moderate R – huh?  Under this scenario, Dems would get a better shake during the upcoming legislative session.    All this stuff is going on behind the scenes and we’re not supposed to know about the specifics.  Well, I got a problem with that.   Speaker races should be conducted in the open – they should be transparent.

Commentary would like to know the “mystery moderate GOPer” who would be Speaker.  If we’re going to tolerate a bit of cannibalization among Dems over the Speaker’s race, then shouldn’t the Rs also bleed a little?   Why doesn’t the “mystery mod” show us some huevos and come forward from out of the shadows?

Speaking of the huevoless, good riddance to former Speaker Pete Laney – adios pal.   He helped W get to the White House and then the Rs turned around and punked him pretty good.  That’s what he gets for collaborating with the enemy.

The Iraq Study Group meets with W today.   There are no Latino members of the Study Group, but there are a lot of Latinos in Iraq.  So what else is new?

At the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame dinner last Friday evening, they inducted Marie “Red” Mohoney, Alva Jo “Tex” Fischer, and Ruth “Tex” Lessing, all players from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) – remember “A League of Their Own.”  At one point during the dinner, a video played the “AAGPBL Victory Song” and about 50 AAGPBL former players in attendance – all older than Commentary – stood up and sang along.  It was very moving and cool.   I nearly teared up but then I remembered that there is no crying in baseball.

Houston Astros Exec Pam Gardner also was inducted and was introduced by Drayton Mclane.  Pam-In-Charge was presented with a portrait of herself from the artist that has done some cool paintings of The Rocket and Nolan.  A lot of the old Astros-Colt ‘45s were also there including Jimmy Wynn, Larry Dierker, Carl Warwick, Terry Puhl, Bob Aspromonte, Craig Reynolds, and Rusty Staub.

We checked out “The Queen” this weekend.  It is a pretty good flick.  Helen Mirren who plays The Queen is a for sure Oscar nominee – see it.

November 13, 2006, 9:00AM

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