By Marc Campos

Guv Dude and the Local Moron

Way to go Guv Dude! Just keep off pi__ing off Latino voters by inaugurating your driversí license checkpoints that are designed to snatch up paperless folks. Check it out in todayís Chron. I guess maybe you figured that since Latinos in Texas didnít show up to vote like Latinos in battleground states you can maybe go on ahead and move on with another Latino hate mongering proposal. Yeah, well maybe in two years Lone Star State Dems will finally get their act together and put forward a real Latino voter outreach program that finally sends your arse back to neckville.

Hereís what I donít get. Election transparency is the order of the day and yet our local Tax Assessor Collector, errr voter registrar is still trying to steal some local races. Check it out in todayís Chron. Just because you squeaked by last week you f__king moron, that doesnít mean you can steal elections!

No word yet on when Obama will select a Texan to join his administration.

The Chronís Sports Columnist sometimes referred to here as one of the Smartest Guys in Baseball wants the ĎStros to sign up Andy Pettitte. I donít know about that. The last couple of years he didnít take the Yankees to the World Serious. Shoot, they didnít even make the playoffs this past season. Commentary doesnít think he would be a good fit this season plus we would have to pay him too much money and thatís all I have to report from The Yard.

November 12, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary