By Marc Campos

Winning Ugly

Upon further review of last week’s precinct by precinct HISD Bond votes, it looks like the Latino vote has to share in the credit – pass the tequila bottle por favor. In many Anglo precincts like in the Heights, Montrose, West U, and Bellaire, the score was 2 or 3 to 1 in favor – yikes! African American precincts throughout HISD voted overwhelmingly against big time, again, like 2 or 3 to 1. So HISDNation gets its $805 mil to build, rebuild and upgrade schools, however, we have us a split in the community that needs to be fixed like real pronto. This is going to require a whole lot of leadership and diplomacy among a lot of civic, business, clergy and political folks. Stay tuned on this one.

There was another story in the Chron this past weekend on the future of the Dome. The Rodeo and the Texans are the only entities that oppose the latest redevelopment deal. Of course, when was the last time the Rodeo got beat on anything in these parts? The first elected of any stature that comes out on the side of the Rodeo will probably get him/her a lifetime pass to all future Rodeo events including all you can eat fried snickers at the carnival midway. Commentary is going to take things into my own hands and offer up a resolution calling for the demolition of the Dome at my precinct convention next March and see how far I get with the durn thing. In fact, I’ll call it the Domaliton Resolution.

Commentary is been getting some pretty good reviews on last Wednesday’s take. Of course nothing is unanimous in this business. A few folks weren’t happy with what I had to say. All I can say to them is – delete this. You see, I don’t ask anyone to log on to my website. However, some folks do and send me to places far and wide

Scrap Iron is a classy guy. This past Friday night Commentary attended the Texas Baseball of Fame Induction Banquet. I went with last year’s inductee Pam-In-Charge. Among the inductees in attendance were Phil Garner, Cesar Cedeno and Don Baylor. Garner received the best applause from the fans that were there. At the end of his acceptance speech, Garner said “Go Astros!” Way to go Scrap Iron!

November 12, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary