By Marc Campos

The Al Gonzales Strategy
By Marc Campos

At the meeting of the Harris County Tejano Democrats last night, the subject of the Al Gonzales' appointment as the next Attorney General was brought up. Some at the meeting said that the appointment was a sinister plot to keep the not so far right Gonzales off the supreme court. His AG appointment would be his payoff for his service and loyalty to W. One noted Tejano went on to say that Gonzales did not know anything about being AG and would screw up, thus dashing any hopes of being a supreme.

In today's NY Times, there is an article that says that the Gonzales appointment is indeed a plot. The article claims that a strategy hatched by Karl Rove calls for Gonzales to go through the exhaustive confirmation process. Get everything behind him like the memos he drafted on how to deal with the captured terrorist suspects. Do a good job as AG and in the process impress the far right. Then when the second appointment to the supreme court comes up, presto, he gets the nod.

The article goes on to say that this allows W to appoint a favorite of the far right as his first appointment to the supreme court and payoff the far rightees for their electoral support.

The so called Rove strategy has risks. What happens if two supreme court vacancies come up within the first year of W's second term? Would W be able to pick Gonzales within a year of his appointment as AG? Regardless, if this is a Rove strategy, we all should have learned by now not to underestimate the guy.

Back to the Tejano Dem meeting last night, it was kind of eerie being part of a discussion where we were debating the fact that a Hispanic Repub might be getting the shaft and that did not sit well with some of us. We have to get over what happened last Tuesday.

November 12, 2004, 9:00 AM

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