By Marc Campos

Here’s The Deal!

It looks like the Texas State House make-up is 76 GOPers and 74 Dems – drats!

So it looks like some dirty deals are going to have to be made between GOPers and Dems – drats!

The so called Craddick Ds – whatever is left of them – will be out there trying to cut a deal to survive and hold on to their positions. The Craddick Ds are the Dems that other Dems love to hate. I really don’t think that they will cut a deal that includes saving Craddick himself. Rather, they will try to cut a deal with one of Craddick’s allies that do not include dealing with the so called loyal Dem opposition – they don’t like each other. This will be like an old end around deal.

The so called loyal opposition Dems according to the Craddick Ds has a take no prisoner attitude. They will be trying to cut a deal with unhappy GOPers. Initially it will probably be a coalition that will elect a GOP House Speaker with a majority of Dem votes. If this deal prevails afterwards look for them to line up Craddick Ds in a firing squad.

Then there are the New Ds that just got elected. These are the folks that haven’t been personally involved in the recent legislative wars. They are also not organized and don’t have an identifiable leader. I really don’t look for them to make a deal but they could be a wild card of sorts.

Hector sent me these numbers. It looks like in Latino legislative districts here in Harris County there were less votes cast as compared to the last Prez election. In African American districts more votes were cast.

In 2004, In HD 140 (Walle) 19,039 cast ballots versus 18,484 last week. In HD 143 (Hernandez) 19,566 in 2004 versus 17,714 last week. HD 137 (Hochberg) 19,587 in 2004 versus 18,501 last week. HD 145 (Alvarado) 21,638 in 2004 versus 20,798 last week.

Meanwhile, in HD 131 (Allen) 35,807 in 2004 versus 41,152 last week. HD 139 (Turner) 36,714 in 2004 versus 40,447 last week. HD 141 (Thompson) 36,429 in 2004 versus 43,101 last week. HD 142 (Dutton) 37,838 in 2004 versus 42,398 last week. HD 146 (Edwards) 49,157 in 2004 versus 52,596 last week. HD 147 (Coleman) 40,676 in 2004 versus 44,526 last week.

According to CEWDEM, Commentary’s old pal and former local Dem Chair Sue Schechter is celebrating a BD today. She’s as young as Commentary but certainly don’t look as old as Commentary. Sue certainly don’t need touching up for sure. Happy Birthday Sue!

The ‘Stros are trying to solidify the pitching and still looking at making some deals and that is all I have to report from The Yard.

November 11, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary