By Marc Campos

Under Votes

Here in Harris County, we vote with this electronic gizmo called eSlate. You twirl this dial around and find your candidate. An "over vote" is when you vote for two candidates. When you vote by mail, you can vote for two candidates in one race. The eSlate machine won't let you vote for two candidates. If you don't vote in a particular race, that's called an "under vote."

I bring this up because some folks say that people of color don't understand how to operate eSlate and they don't vote in certain races.

It is interesting. In the City of Houston's mayor's race, there were 6% under votes.

In District 143 - a district of color, there were 9% under votes.

In District I - the Mayor Pro Tem's district - there were 9% under votes.

In District C - a not so minority district - there were 13% under votes.

In At-Large, Position 2 - Lovell, Aiyer, Acosta - there were 26% under votes.

On Prop 1 - the rail relocation fund - 11% under votes.

On Prop 2 - 2% under votes - everybody had an opinion on this.

I think at times folks tend to underestimate voters of color. When I vote on eSlate, I get a little nervous, but I get through it. I'd have to look at the precinct by precinct returns before I could draw any real conclusions.

Hey, it's Christmas. Christmas commercials are already running on TV. You know, the District 143 runoff election is on December 10 - then there will be 14 days of Christmas shopping.

November 11, 2005, 9:00AM

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