By Marc Campos

Good Day For Hispanics
By Marc Campos

Kudos to W for choosing Al Gonzales as the next AG. You may not agree with Gonzales' politics, but you can't argue that it was not a masterful political stroke on the part of the prez.

Gonzales has been at W's side for most of the past decade. He is also the without question the most influential Hispanic ever in any presidential administration.

The Dems need to start paying attention to the relationship between the Hispanic community and the GOP. With the Gonzales appointment, the GOP can now say that Hispanics are a key part of the decision making process in the White House. The Dems can't even say that Hispanics are part of the decision making process within their own party.

On another front, last night, Houston Congressman Matt Santos made his debut on "The West Wing". Santos is played by actor Jimmy Smits. Smits even made it into the opening credits. What we know so far is that he is not running for reelection to congress, he is a big health care advocate, and he has children. Stay tuned.

November 11, 2004, 9:00 AM

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