By Marc Campos

Co Mr. Speakers?

If the Dems end up winning the remaining Texas State House seat and we end up with 75 Dems and 75 GOPers, why don’t both sides agree to Co-Speakers with each caucus selecting a House Speaker? By a coin flip, they will rotate on a weekly basis presiding over the House – first week Dems, second week GOP – you get the picture. Every committee will have an equal number of Dems and GOPers. There will be a an even numbered total committees and each caucus – after a coin flip – will pick which committee they want to chair – kind of like the NFL draft. Commentary’s idea will also prevent shady backroom deals between Dem House members and GOPers. Of course, some might think this is a silly idea that will result in a dysfunctional legislative body. Hey, isn’t that considered an improvement?

One of those Austin blog fellas needs a course in racial sensitivity training for sure. Today he called out State Rep Again Al Edwards for having “masters” – huh? I’m sure if he would have talked about an Anglo Dem, he would have said something like “influential donors” not “masters.” I wonder if this fella knows who our next Prez is gonna be?

Commentary went to Nikki Cooper and Jose Soto’s wedding Saturday. When they said you may now kiss the bride, they first gave each other the knuckle bump – cool. As you recall, Jose popped the question to Nikki at The Yard against the Braves in 2007 during the KissKam. Check out their cool pre-wedding photos – many from The Yard.

Some folks are trying to talk the American Campaign Skipper into doing web takes and calling it Gaily Commentary – I don’t know about that.

If my pal Drayton was the owner of the Texans, he would be getting ragged big time by local football fans. When it comes to local team owners we have a double standard for sure and that is all I have to report from The Yard.

November 10, 2008 9:00AM

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