By Marc Campos

Good Friday

It’s good to be a Dem this Friday.

I missed National Dem Chair Howard Dean’s appearance on The Daily Show the other night.  I wonder if he said “it’s on to Montana, Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ohio ….weeeeeee!”

“It’s on to New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles …..weeeee!’  Hey, the ‘Stros are signing Craig Biggio for $5 mil for the ’07 season.  He got a raise.  For that amount, he better get Numero 3000 in our yard plus make us World Serious.  If they’re going to have to raise beer prices to pay for Bidge’s salary, hope they just limit it to the Club Level – I never go up there.

Speaking of the yard, in today’s Chron Estrella, there is a piece about the Umbrella House which is located a few blocks from ….the yard.   I was wondering what the deal was.  Check it out.

Somebody give My PR Agent some juicy stuff she can write about …..pleeeeease!   Three days after an election of hysterical proportions, she writes a piece about Orlando and the do-nothing office he just won.   Arrrrgh!

Speaking of the election, since W’s Brain took a licking, is he still ticking.  Does this past Tuesday qualify as a “Brain Fart?”   Awwwwww…….

On a very somber note, Aaron Neville’s “Lean on Me” tribute to Ed Bradley last night on CNN was very cool – just like Ed Bradley was ….cool.


November 10, 2006, 9:00AM

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