By Marc Campos

Props, Taxes, Goals

Props go to the Houston Mayor and City Council Members for racking up impressive victories this past Tuesday. Guess folks think the city is in real good hands. Maybe they think the Mayor and Council had a hand in the 'Stros' fabulous run. Aside from the mess on Studewood, the city is in pretty good shape.

Some Dems are taking shots at the John Sharp State Tax Task Force (man, that's hard to say). Them Dems say the Task Force has too many business leaders. One Dem said "where is the mother working two jobs to provide for her family?" Duh, the two job working momma doesn't have the time to go to task force meetings. Advice: Dem leaders need to go have a private meeting with Dem John Sharp and get assurances that working folks will get a fair shake during the process. If Dems keep taking shots, without trying to work things out, them independent voters will not look upon us favorably.

According to my confidential sources, the other side wanted to hit 40% - they did. Laura Salinas wanted to make the runoff and be in pretty good shape - she did. Goals were attained by both sides.

November 10, 2005, 9:00AM

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