By Marc Campos

A Take on Elections

Commentary hasn’t seen the precinct by precinct returns for Tuesday’s elections, but I am betting that Latino voters ended up being the cavalry that saved the HISD bonds. Si se puede!

In one of the H-Town City Council At-Large races, former HISD administrator Joe Trevino (19%) surprised most folks by getting into the run-off against Jolanda Jones (28%). Trevino benefited from the Latino voters that showed up to vote for Council Member-Elect James Rodriguez and the HISD bonds. (Council Member-Elect James Rodriguez – I like the way that sounds.)

Jolanda has had a campaign going for a few months. Trevino now has to put together a campaign. There will be some action in African American neighborhoods in a city council (District D) and school board district ( District 2) run-off, so that helps out Jolanda Jones who is African American.

Council Member Melissa Noriega put a severe whupping on that GOP Latino fella again (65% to 35%). I wonder if he likes getting whupped – kind of weird!

Council Member Sue Lovell won reelection by over 5,000 votes. I don’t consider that close.

Jose Soto – who always gives me good takes – says it looks like the anti-paperless issue folks are becoming less relevant in H-Town city council races. That’s a good thing.

Brad Lidge is no longer with the ‘Stros. He’s now with the Phillies. That’s the way it goes. From Philly, we now have us a new center field named Michael Bourn, age 24, who went to Nimitz High in Houston. He played for the University of Houston. He is also African American.

I like the trade. That means Hunter Pence is now our right fielder. Now we have to go get us a closer – yikes!

November 8, 2007 9:00AM

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