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More Latino Vote Discussion

The Chron has a front page article today on the Latino vote being the key to Obama’s victories in Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. The Obama and Dem campaigns put in the resources and there was a dramatic increase in Latino voter turnout that greatly benefited Obama and Dems. The article also says that since money wasn’t spent in Texas’ and Harris County’s Latino community, the Latino vote didn’t turn out like those in battleground states – hey, I think I said that yesterday. Check it out. To those that still don’t believe Commentary – SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF THE WAY!

Commentary certainly got a whole lot of reaction yesterday on my takes on the local Latino vote. Some folks gave me the old thumbs up and some folks questioned my motivation. Some idiot said I was looking for a gig and wanted to know the political party affiliation of H-Town CM James Rodriguez. Let me think about that one. Back in 2000 James spent the last two and a half weeks of the election holed up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin or someplace like that campaigning for Gore/Lieberman. I don’t think much has changed since then with the exception of him getting married to The Lovely Wendy who is also a pretty good Dem.

I guess some folks – particularly Dems – feel uncomfortable talking about a 40% Latino voter turnout in Harris County. I’m certainly not uncomfortable. In fact, I’ve been talking about this for over a decade. I didn’t wake up Wednesday morning and look at the numbers and decided I wanted to exploit this. This is real.

Giovanni sent this piece that ran in the Chron on E-Day.

“Houston Chronicle, By DAVID BARRON - Nov. 4, 2008 “Even without the benefit of one thin dime from either of the presidential campaigns, Houston's English-language television stations took in more than $11.7 million in advertising revenue from candidates in today's state, regional and county elections…..U.S. Sen. John Cornyn was the biggest advertiser, spending more than $2 million to purchase more than 1,700 ads on Houston stations. By contrast, his Democratic challenger, Rick Noriega, spent only about $340,000 on local TV ads.

“Even though the Obama and McCain campaigns bypassed Houston TV, local stations did receive significant buys from the National Republican Congressional Committee (more than $900,000) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (about $1.1 million, plus almost $400,000 with Comcast). The Harris County GOP also spent about $900,000 on local TV ads.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the campaign season was that candidates practically ignored Spanish-language TV. KXLN (Channel 45), the Univision station that on occasion dominates the weekly list of the most-watched TV shows in Houston, received only about $75,000 in ad buys from Cornyn and Garcia, and KTMD (Channel 47) received less than that.”

Then somebody sent a note to say that money and ads weren’t the answer. Hey, tell that to Obama – since he didn’t have any money for ads, errr right. Shoot, they were even buying ads on video games – I wonder how that demographic turned out on E-Day.

Another SHUT UP goes to Harris County GOP Chair Jared Woodfill who also says in today’s Chron – “I think Hispanic values are Republican values and Republican values are Hispanic values.” SHUT UP you leader of a hate mongering, Latino bashing party!

Like it or not, Dems are going to have to deal with turning out the local Latino vote. Like it or not, Commentary is going to keep talking about it.

Commentary thinks Governor Palin was more bummed out about returning to Alaska than losing. The McCain folks that ratted her out are weasels. Hey, what’s wrong with her answering her hotel suite door with just a large towel wrapped around her after she’s taken a shower? We see that in the movies all the time.

Something to report from The Yard: we resigned setup man LaTroy Hawkins.

November 7, 2008 9:00AM

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