By Marc Campos

The Debate, Hate, Sign Language. Last Dance, Barney

The best thing about "The West Wing' live presidential debate last night? Nobody came on the air afterwards to tell me who won.

A local respected political consultant left a message last night and said that GOP presidential candidate Arnold Vinnick whipped Matt Santos. Commentary called it a draw.

Vinnick went DeLayberson and called for doubling the Border Patrol. Commentary is getting a little tired of this Mexican bashing.

I like that somebody finally stood for us Liberals, even though it is only make believe. Wouldn't it be nice for a Dem Presidential candidate to fire off what Liberals have accomplished in our country's history, like Matt Santos did last night?

Turns out Matt Santos was baptized in San Antonio - that doesn't mean he was born in San Antonio. The dude grew up in Houston, unless they tell me otherwise. He's from Denver Harbor. He went to Austin High. On Saturday mornings, he likes to drop by Merida for breakfast.

The KKK held a rally up in Austin this past weekend to show support for Prop 2. The Prop 2 supporters said they didn't condone the Klan crashing their party. Hey, you promote hate, you get hate.

This past week, Laura Salinas' sign guy did a good job of making it difficult to snatch her signs. They were still able to spray paint some of them. One in Matt Santos' old 'hood was tagged pretty good - they sprayed her mug and left the English/Spanish B/P word. We left it up over the weekend and got a lot of calls from supporters that were pretty upset.

Some of Laura's neighbors got letters - unsigned of course - accusing Laura of being a part-time dancer at some of those places that charge outrageous prices for a beer, and I'm not talking about Minute Maid Park. Some workers for the other side went to a household that had a Laura sign - they asked the Laura male supporter - "Are you supporting Laura Salinas because you think she will make a good legislator, or do you just like her body.?" They got run.

Supposedly, Barney Fife, errr, Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thompson is ill and at home. How convenient. He wasn't able to have his mug on TV this past weekend to explain to the nation how a death row inmate walked out of his jail. The bad guy was caught last night.

November 7, 2005, 9:00AM

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