By Marc Campos

The Local Latino Dem Vote

Commentary made the Chron today on an article about Tuesdayís vote in Harris County. Check it out. Commentary likes the progress made here but thinks there is definitely room for improvement for Dems here in Harris County. First and foremost, the local Dem Party and Latino leaders need a Latino program which includes serious voter registration and Get-Out-The-Vote. Harris County had a 62% turnout this past Tuesday. However in HD 143 (Ana Hernandez) we had a 40% turnout, HD 145 (Carol Alvarado) a 45% turnout, HD 140 (Armando Walle) a 41% turnout as compared to HD 142 (Harold Dutton) a 58% turnout, HD 147 (Garnet Coleman) a 59% turnout, and HD 134 (Ellen Cohen) a 74% turnout.

The Harris County Dem Chair says there was a Dem effort in the local Latino community this year. If there was, it obviously didnít work because the turnout numbers that I point out do not lie. We need to get serious about the growing Latino community and its voting potential here in Harris County. We arenít serious about it today. Nobody knows what the political environment will look like in 2010. We know that we wonít have an Obama on the ballot. So we better finally wise up and get a Dem Latino program up and running. If we would have had one in place like I suggested a couple of years ago, Chief Bradford might be the DA-Elect today.

Commentary wasnít asked to play in the local Dem effort this year. I guess some of the local Dem big shots think Iím radioactive, donít want to pi__ off certain folks, or maybe think I donít know anything about this stuff. Well, whoever was out there handling the local Latino Dem effort didnít get the job done Ė the proof is in the numbers. Think about it. Dems won a lot of countywide races on Tuesday with most of those victories coming in at 50 plus, 51 or 52 percent with Obama on the ballot, riding a bad economy, and running against a corrupt county government. We wonít have that in 2010. So it is absolutely imperative that we get serious about the Latino vote Ė or else.

Commentary gets to hold on to The Roundtable Championship Belt for at least another week. Matters couldnít be settled last night because all the votes arenít in yet.

My good friend Adrian Garcia will be taking over the Sheriffís office on January 1 and the election to fill his council seat, District H, will be held on May 9. James Rodriguez will be the only Latino on the H-Town City Council for the first four months plus of 2009. Letís see, the city has a population of roughly 2.2 mil and close to half, errr 1.1 mil are Latino and only one Latino on City Council Ė thatís cwazy man!

Nothing to report from The Yard.

November 6, 2008 9:00AM

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