By Marc Campos

Get Even … Make a Difference

That’s why Commentary always votes, I think my vote makes a difference and I feel I can get even.

Latinos/Latinas – hey we’ve been dissed all year with this “send them back to Mexico” BS.

Gays/Lesbians – this same sex marriage nonsense.

Women – they have a full court press on doing away with CHOICE.

African Americans – does Katrina and New Orleans ring a bell?

Labor – screw increasing the minimum wage.

America – W’s war.

The Dem Party base has every reason in the whole wide world to go out and vote and let the GOPredators know how we feel.

Well, Commentary was wrong on Bin Laden – guess they don’t have him on ice after all.  Instead, they put the old Tom Dooley on Sadamn – is that the best they can do on Election Eve?  Betcha Fox News gets the exclusive to telecast the hanging.

You know The GOPredators are hurting when W can only go to a rally in the Metroplex.

10 years ago yesterday, Harris County voters said OK to building a new yard.  Downtown Houston has never been the same since.

My Sister Sylvia wants to know since dead people are still left on the ballot – check out Brazoria County - then can dead people still vote?

November 06, 2006, 9:00AM

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