By Marc Campos

History and MISStery

Commentary is real glad that we elected Obama! Things will definitely get better here at home and abroad.

Commentary is also real glad we won a lot of local judgeships and the Sheriff and County Attorney and District Clerk offices.

Commentary is also real glad we picked up a Dem Texas House seat here.

We missed out though and blew an opportunity. Commentary is not happy that we couldnít do a complete sweep here in Harris County and pick up more Texas House seats for Dems.

We didnít get near 70% turnout here and it looks like Iíll have to relinquish The Roundtable Championship Belt this evening.

It also looks like Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick still has a pulse.

Of course, of the few that I actually had a hand in here, one was probably the biggest vote getter in the county.

Like it or not, donít ever leave Commentary on the bench again.

Nothing to report from The Yard Ė not yet!

November 5, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary