By Marc Campos

Shuffling Judges, High School Classmates, Get Out Of Jail Card, Political Predictions, Same 'Ol Ads

Texas judges have this ethics deal where they can't endorse candidates running for office - that's probably a good thing. Let's take it a step further and say they can't contribute to other candidates running for office. I mean, if you give someone a campaign contribution you are endorsing them, right? Not allowing judges to contribute to other candidates won't whack out the political campaign economy. In fact, let's add 527s, political parties, and political organizations. Texas judges probably wouldn't mind not having to write checks. Then we wouldn't have the problem of finding a judge to judge The Hammer.

Commentary went to high school with the former legislator who is running the anti Prop 2 campaign. We were in the same class at a high school in Far East Harris County. He sent out a message a couple of days ago to Dem activists talking about bad 'ol Prop 2. I forwarded the message to some of our high school classmates from 35 years ago - got some interesting responses - got two religious theme responses, one pro, one anti. One classmate said he saw my foul ball story on TV a couple of weeks ago.

Props go to the Harris County Sheriff's Department for letting a death row inmate walk out of the jail yesterday afternoon. The convicted killer is still on the loose in our burg. The killer talked his way out of jail. What is this, Mayberry?

The Round Table guys put out their annual election prediction sheet. You pay 5 smackers, fill out the sheet - predict how many kazillion votes the mayor will get, how bad we get whupped on Prop 2, and a few city council races. I smell a Commentary conspiracy - they didn't have a prediction question on District 143. Guess they knew that Commentary had inside info and they didn't want me to have an advantage.

This week, the mayor and a few city council candidates are running TV ads - they all look the same - creativity went out the window this year. They all feature prominent or prominentless Houstonians offering up testimonials for the candidates. No awards will be handed out for political ads this season.

October 4, 2005, 9:00AM

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