By Marc Campos

MYnorities MY Arse!

Commentary was watching the Harris County Judge and Sheriff candidate debates yesterday on Channel 13. We got to run the GOP sheriff out of town for sure. You really can’t trust a fella in charge who refers to folks like Commentary and my good friend Adrian Garcia as MYnorities. WE ARE NOT YOUR-NORITIES, WE ARE MINORITIES THAT ARE FIXING TO FINISH THE JOB TOMORROW AND RUN YOUR DUMB ‘NECK ARSE OFF! Whew – that felt good!

Body language says a lot. The GOP Harris County Judge definitely doesn’t like being around his Dem opponent and that is a real big for sure. It looks like the GOP County Judge was hunkered down during the entire TV debate.

We all know that if you hang around DC too long, you believe in and live in your own BS. Yesterday, Ronal Reagan’s former Chief of Staff, Ken Gooberstein, was on CNN and he pronounced that the Colin Powell endorsement of Obama was akin to the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval – huh! Look, Commentary is glad that Powell is voting for Obama because very vote counts, but please – the Seal of Approval? Like his Seal of Approval for W and Big Dick Cheney in 2000. Powell was a key player in one of the lousiest Prez administrations in history. You can’t rewrite what everybody in the world knows. Gooberstein and Commentary definitely have different takes on history and current events.

The Boss, errr Bruce Springsteen introduced Obama yesterday at a rally in Ohio. Hank Williams, Jr. was at a McCain rally. That ought to tell you a lot.

Harris County GOP Commissioner Steve Radack has purchased 1000 toilet plungers for GOP workers to symbolize Joe the Plumberat the polls tomorrow. Nice job Radack! They’ll come in handy when all the local county GOP candidates get flushed down the commode all at once and stop up GOP toilets.

My buddy Harold Cook from Austin put out a nifty guide on how to watch the returns tomorrow evening. I’m sending it to a few folks. Way to go Harold!

Talk about taking one for the team, my old buddy Ken Molberg from Dallas County was going door to door preaching the Dem gospel Saturday and got attacked by a pit bull – yikes. He’s OK, but still got bit pretty good – ouch! I wonder if the pit bull left lipstick smudges on his leg.

Nothing to report from The Yard other than to say that yesterday Rachel Ray sponsored a mass wedding ceremony there for the folks that got Iked – kind of like making up a rainout. I guess moving the weddings to Milwaukee wasn't that appealing.

November 3, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary