By Marc Campos

The Mexican Fence, Hooked, La Sabrosita

A GOP congressman from California is proposing that we build a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. Take that DeLayberson! Guess he does not think the mini-men are doing a good job. The GOP congressman will introduce fence legislation. Now that's great. I'm gonna write to my member of congress and ask her to amend the legislation to include that Mexican food restaurants be forbidden in that GOP member's congressional district. Betcha if the fence legislation is approved, Halliburton gets the contract to build.

Got an email yesterday from the Astros. They sent me a printable version of the 2006 schedule. The season ended 8 days ago and I'm already perusing next year's schedule - that's sick. Guess what? The weekend of June 23 through June 25 we go visit ChiSox - part of the interleague schedule. Wonder if the Mayor will order another NoSox weekend?

On the front page of yesterday's La Voz, a Spanish language weekly that is distributed in some parts by the Chron, there is a photo of Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143, and another photo of her opponent. Her opponent is standing by a couple of electeds that don't represent the district folks. Laura is photographed with a "paletero" - one of those fellas that sell ice cream goodies from a push cart. On the paletero's push cart is the push cart's name - "La Sabrosita", awww! La Sabrosita, errrr, Laura is taking a little ribbing around here.

November 3, 2005, 9:00AM

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