By Marc Campos

Where’s The W?

W didn’t do any campaign or GOTV rallies this season. I wonder when was the last time that a sitting Prez sat on the bench for an entire election season. Shoot, he didn’t even suit up. Shoot, he didn’t even get off his arse to go a poll to cast a vote. Shoot, he literally mailed it in.

The Chron has a story today on what will happen in local races. The GOP Harris County Chair makes a weak case on how his Party will fare this Tuesday. His says former Hillary supporters will support the GOP – huh! He says local candidates have performed well – double huh! I wonder what kind of spin he’s going to be putting out Tuesday night.

Commentary thinks the local GOP Chair is in big time denial. He can’t see the changing Demographics – all he has to do is drive around. He can’t see the enthusiasm of Dems – all he has to do is check out the local Early Vote totals. He can’t see the arrogance and ethical lapses of local GOP elected officials – all he has to do is watch or read the local news.

A miserable and helpless Texas House GOPer has an Op-Ed in today’s Chron making the case for Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick. Go check it out if you want, but it really doesn’t matter.

The Chron’s E-Board endorsements are done and it is 43 to 37 in favor of the Dems.

Commentary certainly doesn’t want to get into a big Halloween debate two days before the Prez election. Here’s what I said yesterday: “It bugs me when a kid isn’t wearing any Halloween gear asking for candy."

Here’s what a Dem activist from Guadalupe County sent me: “Excuse me but as once a poor child, there are many kids in this world that have hardly anything to wear, let alone a costume. Sure, you could take an old sheet and make a ghost costume, but maybe they are still using the ragged sheets.”

From: “Just an old 67 year old woman's thoughts.”

I think I also said they could “paint their face up with lipstick.” Of course, I haven’t bought a stick of lipstick yesterday, so I don’t know what it costs. But maybe they can borrow a couple of swabs or “applies.” I’m not going to argue though.

Nothing to report from The Yard other than to say that the GM meetings start tomorrow.

November 2, 2008 9:00AM

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