By Marc Campos

Going Negative

James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I was attacked by his opponent in two mail pieces yesterday and the day before. Yesterday’s mailer had a fella that was supposed to look like James going through a revolving door at City Hall. It was some sort of convoluted accusation of James and revolving doors – huh? It falsely accused James of lobbying. Commentary goes to City Hall every now and then – I can’t find any revolving doors.

The other mail piece has something to do with going to The Yard and sitting in the nice seats – the VIP seats – huh! As you well know, James used to work for the ‘Stros as a batboy – probably one of the coolest jobs you can have as a kid – so James is entitled to be at The Yard rooting for B-G-O.

Everybody involved in decision making with the James Rodriguez campaign said to keep it positive – so we did. Durn, we let our opponent off the hook.

Speaking of, today is the last day to vote early. The Former Young Political Consultant That …. is coming by here today so I can go with her to vote – a tradition you know. Dante is going with us. Hey, maybe we will run into J. Dominic voting for James.

My old friend Working Man Hero sent an email to the Hotze fella to let him know how he feels about school bonds. Hotze came out against the HISD and Spring Branch ISD Bonds. I don’t think Hotze that rhymes with Dopsey is going to respond to Brother Shaw.

93 years ago today Johnny Vander Meer was born. In June of 1938, as a Cincinnati Red, Vander Meer pitched consecutive no-hitters against the Boston Braves and Brooklyn Dodgers. Nobody will ever break that Major League Baseball record. You would have to pitch three consecutive no nos. Vander Meer died 10 years ago.

Speaking of, the ‘Stros sent me a B-G-O highlight DVD that I’m going to check out this weekend if James gives me some time off.

November 2, 2007 9:00AM

Daily Commentary