By Marc Campos

Needles Donít Vote, Bad Signs, Witches

Commentary always thought it was a bad idea. I’m talking about giving away free flu shots to voters 50 years plus at early voting locations in Latino and African American neighborhoods here in H-Town. You see, some folks don’t like the needle – ask Sweet Marisa – and they might think that in order to vote, you have to take the needle. Well it turns out the brain trust at the City of Houston decided to stop giving out the flu shots. I think they were getting a little heat from the local GOP.

The GOP apparently thought that this giveaway medical program was going to drive up Latino and African American voter turnout. I guess the GOP hasn’t checked out the daily turnout totals at the Latino and African American locations – not voting. Maybe folks thought they had to get the needle before casting a vote.

Commentary is not too fond of the needle either. I get a flu shot every year and donate blood regularly, but I fret too much about the needle. Needles don’t belong at polling places period.

Commentary dropped by Roundtable last night to make his predictions for five smackers. Usually I take the partisan route and get my a__ kicked. This time, I pretty much took the same route and feel pretty good about my choices.

Out in Fort Bend County , local GOPredators are putting up signs that say “Want more illegals? Vote Democrat!” and “Encourage Terrorists. Vote Democrat!” How about local Dem leaders getting some huevos and countering with – “Send’em ALL Back To Mexico, Vote Republican!” and put them up in my ‘hood! “Put ‘em up, put ‘em up!”

Speaking of Almira Gulch, how about the Sunshine State Vote Thief that is fixing to go down with her broom in that U.S. Senate race – “I’m melting, melting ….” Ding, dong the Wicked Witch is dead!

When “The Wizard of Oz” first premiered in 1939 it was panned by the critics – huh?

November 02, 2006, 9:00AM

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