By Marc Campos

SD 17 and Oh My!

Commentary saw some email traffic last night regarding the Senate District 17 race and it very well could be good news for Da Bell. Polling by the GOP shows that the two leading GOP candidates, the Austin (will never reach) Furse fella, and Huffman (who literally must be climbing the wall) both stuck just a click or two or three above single digits. If their mail is anything like their TV ads, it doesn’t surprise Commentary. Plus, it helps that they are cannibalizing each other.

Final Early Vote in person numbers for Harris County are pretty impressive: Harris County is up 65% from 2004, Acres Home (HD 139) up 100%, Moody Park (HD 148) up 119%, Northeast (HD 141) up 134%, Hardy (HD 140) up 102%, Ponderosa (HD 150) up 88%, Galena Park (HD 143) up 81%, Sunnyside ( HD 146) up 77%, HCC (HD 145) up 71%, Alief (HD 149) up 56%, Cy Creek ( HD 126) up 63%, Palm Center ( HD 147) up 42%, Fiesta (HD 146) up 41%, Tracy Gee (HD 137) up 35%, Kingwood/Humble (HD 127) up 35%, Clear Lake (HD 129) up 31%, Baytown ( HD 128) up 25 %, and Jersey Village (HD 135) up 23%. Not bad at all.

Way to go Texas House Dem Caucus for setting a meeting for the Day After E-Day to start the process for electing a new Texas House Speaker from within the Dem Caucus! That way Dem House members won’t have to cut sleazy deals with GOPers – it is in today’s Austin American Statesman.

Also in the Austin paper is a story about how the vote will shape up in Harris County. GOP paid consultants and GOP Party leaders are still saying that the GOP will hold on to most countywide seats. I guess they can’t read the hand writing on the wall. GOP pros that Commentary highly respects that aren’t in the game this season have privately told Commentary that it looks like a “blue” sweep here.

It turns out that Obama’s aunt is paperless. That’s another reason why Latinos will be voting for Obama.

Obama is now running ads in McCain’s State of Arizona. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Obama folks in Arizona just marched into Cindy McCain’s beer distributorship while they are there today and snatch away a truck full of Budweiser in broad daylight.

Commentary’s immediate ‘hood doesn’t have very many kids living here but we still get the trick or treaters. They come in from other ‘hoods. We maybe had a couple of dozen kids or so last night. They got little Snickers and Three Musketeers. You know if a kid is going to fill up a bag or two with free candy, why can’t they at least go and get a mask, paint their face up with lipstick, or get one of those big noses that has a mustache and glasses. It bugs me when a kid isn’t wearing any Halloween gear asking for candy.

Nothing to report from The Yard this weekend.

November 1, 2008 9:00AM

Daily Commentary