By Marc Campos

Zaficans and Politics

Commentary is not convinced that having a photo of the Mexican border on a campaign mailer for a candidate running for H-Town City Council is relevant. I think it is more about getting folks scared. Zaf Tahir ought to be ashamed and should apologize. He wonít though. If he makes it to Round 2, we can have fun with him then.

I got a red, white and blue mailer yesterday on the HISD Bonds. At first it looked like it was in support of the bonds, but when you open it, it really rips HISD. It was sent out by the Hotze fella who is against everything that Commentary supports.

James Rodriguez, candidate for Houston City Council, District I is running a positive campaign. His opponent isnít. What else is new?

After next Tuesdayís results are in Iíll provide some takes on the race against Dem State Rep Kevin Bailey. It turns out the Latino fella that is running against Bailey has got the union leadership all riled up. It has something to do with Aldine ISD detaining teacher union organizers. This one ought to be interesting.

Commentaryís shop got egged last night. I hope it was immature kids and not immature campaign workers from the opposition.

It turns out yesterday the local Dem Partyís Flagship turned 57 yesterday. Happy Halloween Birthday David Mincberg!

It also turns out that the Campaign Skipper was born on Christmas Day.

Free agent pitcher Curt Schilling of the Red Sox put out his list of where he wants to play next year and H-Town isnít on the list. Letís see if our new GM can get us some talent.

November 1, 2007 9:00AM

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