By Marc Campos

Matt vs Arnie, More Chron, The Betting Line, Snickers For Dinner

Matt Santos went to HISD's Austin High. He's a Mustang. My best friend - who grew up in Matt Santos' hood, Denver Harbor - also went to Austin High. Like Matt Santos, my best friend is also a tall dude. By the way, my best friend, who also became an elected official, has a son named Matthew - Matt. Laura Salinas, the only candidate that actually lives in District 143, lives in Denver Harbor - on Market Street. Laura's aunt - former state representative Diana Davila, now Martinez, also went to Austin High. Just connect the dots, it's easy. This coming Sunday evening, Matt Santos goes head to head in a live debate with his GOP opponent, Senator Arnold Vinnick from California. I'm watching.

Once upon a time, a candidate was disappointed that he/she lost out on the Chron endorsement. He/she felt like the campaign was a goner because the Chron failed to endorse him/her. I told her/him, if that was the case, campaigns would only be geared toward getting the Chron endorsement - why raise money, go door to door, do mail, put up signs, and screen with other groups. I told her/him that the Chron is also a player in the process, mind you, a bigger player - if you get their endorsement fine, if not, well ..... you say bad things about them.

I wonder if Vegas has set a line on the Alito confirmation. It's gutcheck time for the Dems. This guy is bad news - with the exception of the fella from Nebraska, there shouldn't be a reason for Dem senators to flake.

Had mini Snickers bars for breakfast this morning. A big storm came in yesterday evening and washed away the trick or treaters. The big storm also knocked out power for a couple of hours. Maybe I'll have Laura hand out Snickers when she goes door to door.

November 1, 2005, 9:00AM

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